Commercial Recycling

We offer convenient commercial recycling for the local areas we serve. Our advanced processing technologies recover waste efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Commercial Services

Waste Control Commercial Recycling Services

Accepted materials:

- Wood: All clean, non-treated wood, including nails. Treated wood requires a special waste permit. Contact Waste Control for current fee information.

- Motor oil and antifreeze: Drop off at designated recycling sites.

- Automobile bodies: Must provide proper legal documents, drain all fluids, remove all fuel tanks, mercury switches, batteries, tires, air conditioners, and air bags.

Drop-off Locations

Free Drop-off Recycling Sites

Castle Rock​ - 110 SE Allen Avenue

Cathlamet​ - 276 E SR 4

Kalama​ - 6300 Old Pacific Highway

Kelso East​ - 250 Kelso Drive

Kelso South​ - S 1st Avenue and Cedar Street

Longview​ - 1116 15th Avenue

Longview East​ - 1165 15th Avenue

Commercial Recycling

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Tailored Recycling Solutions for Commercial Businesses

For businesses seeking an efficient solution to manage their recycling needs, Waste Control provides a range of collection options. From cardboard front loaders and office paper recycling carts to commercial drop boxes and more, we offer solutions tailored to businesses of any size. Our recycling containers are designed to simplify and enhance the process of collecting and disposing of materials. Contact us now to establish commercial service and obtain current fee information.

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling Guide

Recycling waste reduces reliance on landfills. When your business recycles and you recycle at home, you’re saving the energy needed and reducing the environmental impact to reproduce these same materials.

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  • Washers & Dryers
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
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  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Office paper
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Flat Cardboard
  • Break down boxes to save space. No cardboard contaminated with food, such as pizza boxes.
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  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Steel bottles

Recycling Guidelines

- Aluminum Cans: Flatten to save space. Clean foil is recyclable.

- Cardboard: Break down boxes. No cardboard contaminated with food, e.g., pizza boxes.

- Glass: Clear, green, or brown glass only. No window or auto glass. Do not deposit bags or boxes into the "glass only" recycling container.

- Mixed Paper: Includes junk mail, magazines, colored paper, phone books, and cereal-type boxes. No juice or milk cartons, wax-coated, or foil-coated paper. No paper contaminated with food.

- Newspaper: Remove and recycle kraft bags as cardboard. Do not bundle newspaper. No need to remove labels.

- Tin Cans: Rinse, remove, and recycle labels. Flatten to save space.Washers & Dryers: Old washers must have concrete removed from the bottom.

- Freezers, Refrigerators, & Air Conditioners: Refrigerators must have Freon and compressors removed by a certified technician.

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