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Revolutionizing Waste Management: At Waste Control, we redefine recycling as a powerful force for environmental change. Our mission is to collect, process, and rejuvenate materials, mitigating the impact of waste on our planet.

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Residential Recycling Guide: We are your dedicated partner for recycling nationwide. We offer single or multiple-dumpster collection, recyclables programs, green waste recycling, and more. Learn what you can recycle and how it works.

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Recycling Services at Waste Control

Recycling Solutions for Residential and Business Needs

Recyclable items are transformed into new products through an intensive process. Waste Control provides a range of on-site and off-site recycling services for both residential and business customers.

  • On-Site Recycling Services:
    - Drop-off Recycling Center: Free service located next to the Transfer Station Building entrance.

    - Buy-Back Recycling Center: Located on the north end of the facility, offering reimbursement at current market rates for recyclable materials.
  • Off-Site Recycling Services:
    - Free drop-off recycling sites in the community for common recyclable materials, as well as residential waste oil and antifreeze.

    - Off-site residential curbside recycling and business recycling services are also available.
Battery Disposal

Incorrect Battery Disposal Can Cause Fires

Common household items seem harmless, however, the batteries in them pose risks when disposed into regular garbage or recycling containers because of their highly flammable nature.

  • Remove the batteries

    Check the electronic devices you need to dispose of. If possible, remove the batteries. If not, bring the whole device to the drop off location.
  • Store batteries in a safe place

    Store batteries in non-metallic containers (plastic, cardboard, or glass) that do not conduct electricity if there is a spark.
  • Find your local drop off

    Find a local electronic disposal store, or find a drop off location near you.

What is Recycling & Why You Should Recycle

Recycling involves collecting, processing, and making certain materials reusable. While not all materials are recyclable, the majority can be. Trash and waste contribute to the generation of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases in landfill sites. Recycling plays a crucial role in reducing overall pollution caused by waste and landfills, contributing to a healthier environment.

Recycling Process

What happens to my recycling?

Once recyclable materials are sorted, they are transported to various markets for processing into new raw materials. Common items like plastic bottles and papers often undergo recycling processes that return them to their original state or product, effectively closing the 'life cycle' of these materials. This allows for continuous recycling and reuse. Additionally, more complex materials are recycled to create entirely new products, spanning from furniture to clothing.

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We offer convenient pickup times and reliable service. Residential garbage recycling is available wherever we offer garbage pickup.