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Waste Control Resources

Forms can be filled out electronically or printed and filled out by hand. Please use dark ink and print legibly if preparing by hand. Fully completed forms should be e-mailed to Waste Control as pdfs or faxed. Please call 360-425-4302 get the correct e-mail address for sending forms electronically.


Residential Asbestos Disposal Procedures

Asbestos Waste Shipment Record

Special Waste Application

Treated Wood

Treated Wood Application

Waste Disposal

Solid Waste Disposal Requirements

Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (SQG)

SQG Requirements and Instructions

SQG Hazardous Waste Registration and Inventory Forms

SQG Fee fee schedule

Vactor Waste

Vactor waste must go through a stringent waste acceptance process. ​ Contact Waste Control for information.

Barrel and Drum Disclosure

Barrel or Drum Disclosure

Business Accounts

Businesses must contact the County directly to establish collection service (Cowlitz County 360-577-3030).

WasteConnect ™ Mobile App

Never Miss Your COLLECTION DAY Again!

With our new WasteConnect ™ Mobile App you can:

Sign-up for waste collection Reminders

Receive Service Alerts for collection delays

Search how to properly dispose of materials


Customer Service

Customer Service

Quick Info


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